I Want To Write!!

And this already puts it in a nutshell … 4 years ago I started writing; a more haphazardly decision then; and under complicating conditions: in English!!!

I´m talking about fanfiction for LotS (Legend of the Seeker), which is a genre I didn´t even know it exists 5years ago! (Okay, I have to admit that this doesn´t cast a very positive light on my age… But, to defend myself: fanfiction is still an underestimated genre in Germany or german speaking countries. Though, there are so many awesome writers there… And even those who do not reach the same level of awesomeness as the best do, they are with so much passion and heart into their writing that reading their work is mostly real fun!)

Anyway, what began as a „hobby by accident“ has turned out to be quite a passion, which, sadly, I still spend only little time with…

My readers pampered me with their reviews and comments, which I hadn´t expected at all, given to the fact that english lessons have been able to drive me crazy back in school… *grins* – but somehow I managed to adopt it so much, that today I rather write in english then in my own language! (at least if its fanfiction)!

Then 2013 happened… A damned awful year where heavy sickness had me in its claws. But at least I spent some time thinking about 2 or 3 projects. And now, that I fought the beast and won? I´m ready to get things started!

So what´s going on?

  1. A new story for Legend oft he Seeker (LotS) – „Pride & Destiny“ – YAY! C/K for the win!!!

I´ve already fixed the first two posts (which are Prologue and Chapter 1) and the second chapter is waiting for the editing. And I have a plot in store. Which, of course, will be thrilling to see how far I´m bound to it… Up to now I´ve always reached some point in my stories where the characters have taken over the reins and I was only allowed to point out the route… LOL!


I´ve started posting two weeks ago… Interested? You can find me here: www.fanfiction.net

I am the chickinwhite – but that you know already… 😉

  • 2. A colorful, long and exciting adventure-fairy-tale (for Edda, our little sweetie)

Fairy tales… I´ve always been in love with this genre! I´m a huge fan of Walt Disney´s work and up to now I´m happily watching every new animation I can get… Now that´s narration in living pictures!!

Therefor I´ve already got a frame, too. Though, maybe this frame will not work exactly as I hope it will, but I´m of good cheer that the theme can be molded into something very exciting for kids! Anyway, I´m not under pressure with this, since our little girl will celebrate her first birthday in a few months and thus she´s not yet over- intrigued with ambitions to read…And even the reading out to her in the foreseeable future will be reduced to: “Oh, look! This is a locomotive! It makes … – oops, we would say husch-husch here, but how is the locomotive-noise voiced in your place? 😉

Though, I´m totally excited and really looking forward to when she will hold her own fairy-tale in hand!!

  • 3. …WOAH….*** Hear the flam??*** I´m having the heart to try myself on my own novel!!!

My own novel! Isn´t that the dream for all of us “wanna-be-writers”?? Well, yes, it´s mine!

And I think this is really exciting!! I´ve spent whole days on my couch last year, fighting pain and queasiness, too weak to stand up or read or do anything meaningful….

But I was able to daydream!

In this time an idea that had been ghosting through my mind like a shadow slowly gained form and became tangible. And now I can´t wait to put it into words…

But that´s another topic….


4 Kommentare to “I Want To Write!!”

  1. Never call yourself a „wannabe writer“. You write. So you are a writer 😉 It does not matter if you are published or not. That’s just icing on the cake.
    Dream of your novel no longer, put it into existence by writing it. As a wise person once said, if you can dream it, you can make it real. I wish you perseverance, inspiration und plain ol‘ good luck!

  2. Hey there, Jery! of course you are right, one who writes may be called a writer… And I do my best to deserve that. Though, given to the fact that I never even thought about it, I´m still not used to it 😉
    Wise persons are wise! So, I´ll go for it! YAY! And I´ll be a happy (well, hopefully happy!!) member of the NaNoWriMo this year! For the first time.. (and though I have no one shooting at me with soft (?) bullets, I am decided to make it.. *grins* – let´s talk about the results in december…)
    So, thanks for the good wishes! I think I can make good use of them!

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