a stressful relationship…

There are times when my muse and I are just best friends! That is, when I give her the space she demands (and of course she tends to savor it to the fullest!) and as long as I allow her to engage on the mad parts of her creativity every now and then (my muse has been born as my Inner-Mord-Sith; so she loves all the different kinds of tortures …)

And then there are times when she just turns her back on me!

And that happens quickly sometimes! Where I still think we are working together just fine; we have fun and a wonderful fling on some fanfiction, she suddenly becomes sullen and crabby and takes the very first chance to adjourn into her sulking corner.

This diva wears me down!

First she drives me crazy, sending dreams of epic battles or heartbreaking emotional love scenes, never ceasing to catch every single thought that is strolling through your mind in your free time (or if she´s in a good mood even in your unfree time!) shamelessly twisting and turning it until it finally suits her plans, and just when you happily try to unobtrusively lead her enthusiasm to a second project, she suddenly raises her eyebrow with that incredible expression of annoyance and grunts:

“W.t.f.?? Are you kidding me? – No! No way! Count me out!” Thus said she turns around and clears away…!

That´s what happened last weekend. Darn! Though all I did was a very careful attempt to start searching names…

Okay, naming might not be the ne plus ultra for an ambitious muse (certainly not for mine! As it seems!) but the job has to be done anyway, right? And I have to admit: It´s hard for me! So, do I really ask too much if I hope for a little assistance from the creative part in our relationship? *grumbles*…

Though, looks like it´s time to pamper her a little bit… *sighs*

Let´s see what I have to offer… hmm, some nice little torture and screaming pain? Or perhaps a bit of the psychological anguish?

Hah! Look there! I can already see her grin mischievously…

Yeah, baby! It works… There you go!

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6 Kommentare to “a stressful relationship…”

  1. Aren’t all Muses some kind of diva? Sometimes I want to strangle mine, then on the next day hug her to death because she sent me a freaking cool idea. The whip didn’t help, neither did the cookies. After some years I’ve learned to handle her constant mood swings, but that doesn’t mean that I have to like them. I could use a book about Muse training.

  2. Well, if I ever find one(book), you´ll be the first who gets a copy!- oops, exclamation point… 😉 LOL!
    I think muses are very very special. Mine does indeed prefer the whip… See: I´ve tried to write fluffy stuff, but that´s a really hard thing to do if the muse tends to fight and torture… Pain is her pleasure. So, I am dedicated to the angsty stuff. But I won´t complain… *shrugs*… we all get what we deserve, right? *grins* – Though.. If you have any advices for the mood swings? I´m always eager to learn…*winks*

    • Your Muse and my Muse would be best friends if they ever met. My Muse’s idea of fluffy stuff is at least an argument, better a fight, and best a torture scene. If people have a hard time, are in pain or going through a crisis of world ending proportions, she is having FUN. Pain is her pleasure indeed.
      If I’d know what to do about the mood swings, I’d have written a book 🙂 Most of the time I just sit them out. I tried to bribe her, blackmail, threaten, tease, beg her, bargain with her… all to no avail. The Muse does what the Muse wants. Which is to drive me bat crazy. If she didn’t have these brilliant ideas I’d have fired her long ago.
      But she knows that this is a hollow threat since I can’t fire a part of myself. Which means I am stuck with her for the rest of my life *sob* And I definitely don’t want to know what it says about myself that I enjoy writing heavy emotional scenes, pain, torture and death most…

  3. Haha! Stop sobbing, I know you love it! – Probably as much as I do …
    All the fluffy writing others do is… nice and relaxing and entertaining. Though it all comes down to tearing me apart when I read the angsty stuff… And that´s what we´re craving – the heartbreaking, painful and world-destroying attacks on our vulnerable little souls, so that we can (or cannot) live the whole rhapsody of darkness and light…. Shattered to the ground and rebuild again. *deep sigh here*

    And now I´m leaving for a week, taking my muse to Mallorca, where I hope she finds all the beauty she sometimes needs for inspiration…
    We´ll have a cup of wine for you!

  4. Rhapsody of darkness and light… you’re a writer indeed. We’d be bored out of our minds if we couldn’t shatter our main characters, rip them apart und watch with delight as they struggle to rebuild their lives and souls.
    Hope you had a great time in Mallorca and less rain than here, and thanks for the virtual wine 🙂
    *off to get a whip to train the Muse to pay attention instead of chasing butterflies*

  5. Hey hey! Thanks for the cmpliment! 😉

    Funny thing? I just used my vacation to reread and write a very long review for the most amazing story ever! „Kings & Queens“ is a fantastic novel, based on fanfiction for LotS, but going far beyond that.Written by a woman I proudly call a good friend of mine by now; it´s a tragedy and a mystery; a romantic love story, an adventure out of darkness that rips your heart in pieces and has everything above and more… A novel of a 1000 pages..
    So, if you want a really thrilling, heartbreaking and most amazing novel? A writing that has the capability to bring you this whole rhapsody I talked about?? Look here::


    So, just please!! If you read it, leave a comment for her to show you appreciate her work!I As for me? Amanda is the most talented writer out there! And she deserves every praise she can get! I wish I could see her published… I will link to her story and her Livejournal account in the next days. `Cause I really want to share her awesomeness…

    Oh, and I really enjoyed the wine! As well as the sun and the ocean… – and my muse, who laughed and danced during spanish evenings.. So yes, thank you! I had a wonderful time! *winks*

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