NaNoWriMo is coming…

and I´m so very excited…

Though, I had never heard of that  NaNoWriMo until 3 years ago.

It was then, somewhere down the road, that I noticed a sudden nervous  tension in my fandom, which has been very vivid then and had freshly written fanfic tumbling out of my author-colleagues´quills on an almost daily level. But all at once some writers who were well known for regular updates disappeared from my screen and others offered lame apologies that there wouldn´t be an update to be expected for the whole next month;  like: „you know… NaNoWriMo!!“

– NaNoWriMo???  *eyebrow-raise*  Never heard of such thing!

So, being the curious little thing that I actually am, I´ve dived into the deep space that is the internet and searched for that strange november-phenomenon – and discovered there is a worldwide community of writers actually,  that is looking forward excitedly every year to finally have november and … to write!!

Okayyyy.l… ingenous as I have been my first thought was: WTF? A national-novel-writing-month?? Are you kidding me?? I mean – HEY! If I want to write? I sit down and do just that: write! That´s it!Why would anyone need an official writing month?

And if anything – what the hell am I supposed to do with the rest of the year??

*ducks* okay, okay… calm down! I know I´ve been not only naive, but I am outing myself as an ignorant and arrogant writer-novice.  – So what? No one is born a Shakespeare –  *coughs* well, if not Shakespeare himself of course…*coughs*

So, I´ve come a long way, but finally I learned a lotin th emeanwhile. And I had the immense pleasure  (and the even greater honor) to read two parts of a fantastic novel that was born in this crazy november-flush (and I´m yearning for the third part, A. *winks*)

This year? I will be part of this loony november! YEAH!!

You have no idea how very excited I am! I´m feeling nervous like a kid awaiting first day of school… Actually I even feel a little anxious! Will I find the energy to make it? Am I capable to stay focused? I mean: 50.000 words in 30 days!!  (oh – and I guess they´re supposed to make sense somehow…) – oh my…

But, beside that, I´m looking forward,to it, actually. It´s an exciting and thrilling thing. And probably the best you can do against the november-blues…

In the meanwhile I´m trying to get prepared for the writing-marathon:

– by writing one or two more chapters for Pride&Destiny (so that the fanfiction will not get buried in oblivion during november)

– by shaping the plot a little better (so that my characters can turn it all upside down…)

– by gathering headwords eagerly (so that my muse has no apologies to just get bored)

– by placing notes in every corner of my appartment (hoping I´ll be able to catch new ideas when they are showing up, these very timid little thoughts that are gone as fast as they appear sometimes.)

– and by cancelling phone and internet (or at least having enough blankets and pillows prepared to hide these ringing nettlers and choke their noises…)

Another 6 Weeks…. and the adventure will begin…

How about you??

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2 Kommentare to “NaNoWriMo is coming…”

  1. Ha! You should be loath to admit you’ve read the first to parts of the trilogy – those that were the offspring of two consecutive NaNo’s – and the third will be ready for your review – after the new year. Because of reasons. Mostly its written, but more over its a pain in my ass and hurts my little soul – the stupid thing. But it will come at you before I e-pub the series (which is slated for the spring)
    and NaNo is coveted because of this phrase „Oh, sorry, I can’t INSERT THING. It’s NaNo.“ – its the one month a year where your friends and family respect the writer boundaries. It’s a rarity my friend. And it offers seductive power.
    Enjoy it this year! ENJOY!
    ps – remember the rule. Do NOT edit, do NOT research, just write and make magic.

    • Oh yes, please!!! You have NO IDEA!! how much I´m waiting for and appreciating this precious third part! And for the e-pub in spring?? Now THAT`S awesome!
      I´ll be doing my best for the magic, I promise 😉 (After all it´s due to you I´ve come so far…) Now let´s see how NaNo allows the magic to gush…

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