Only 10 days left…

Not even two weeks until NaNo gets started. I´ve tried to prepare myself for that writing adventure as best I could. Though, I´m sure, not everybody would see it as reasonable to spend their time with such preparations:

I´ve done the internet research. And you´re smart if you say „Research? Well, that´s never wasted time. `Cause after all you´re not just writing a little essay about „how I spent my vacation“… (oh, wait! I´m not at all grousing about vacation themes! No! It´s just… as with the 728 photos you´ve shot: no one is interested in it!) Though, my personal problem here is: I get lost in the internet, much too easily! And thus, in no time, a sunday afternoon has gone…

And : I reading blogs! Always looking for some hints like „How to survive NaNoWriMo“ . But in the end I have the same problem as I mentioned above: I lose time!

And then there is the writer-software!

Hell, I´ve tried and downloaded 2 different little helpers. One that´s called Scrivener -it´s a trial subscription for November´s NaNo, which I think, is not the worst advertising trick… 😉 and the second one is called Ywrite and it´s for free… Do I think them helpful?

Dear Creators, how should I know that?

I´ve klicked on the intro vid button and before it really started it told me, I will need hours (in word: HOURS!!) to go through – and that was the moment when I closed it – and yet have to reopen it.

Ywrite has presented itself much easier and more comfortable (on the first look). But still, I would have spent about a whole weekend to transfer all my notes and characters and plotbunnies I´ve collected in some notebooks (the real one, you know? All sort of paper-ish…*grins*) And don´t say I´m a nerd! `Cause I´m not. And be assured: it´s not that much as you may think now…

Well, maybe I have to admit: I´m just a lazy bone! (guuh, not the best qualification for NaNo, right? Well, I´ve heard a voice that said she´s totally pleased with Scrivener; she´s actually planning and organizing all her writing with it. So, I think I shall give it another try in the upcoming days…

So, instead I´ve been… networking 😉 Sort of…

I´ve had a wonderful weekend with my favorite Kenia -group. (Have I mentioned that I worked as a tourguide for some years? I´ve traveled with groups of 15-30 people all around the world, and Africa has been my preferred area. It still is…) 20 years have gone since then, some lost some hairs, some lost their figure, but none of us have lost their wits and their humor… We laughed a lot and remembered old days in the savanna… Hakuna Matata!!

And there have been a few birthdays, a yummy „Döppekuchen“ – no, don´t ask… It´s beyond words! 😉 and my sweet lil baby was here for a visit. (She´s the daughter of my niece, almost one year old, and… sooooo lovely!)

Shortly said: I spent the time with social networking 🙂 Thus I will not be forgotten when I retreat for NaNo…

And then, sunday morning, there was a sweet note in my email saying: „Come back. Please! I need to read more!“


And I knew again why I love writing fanfiction that much!

I had already posted 3 chapters and the prologue for Pride & Destiny. And of course, I´ve planned to update before November comes. But, having someone in my mailbox who´s begging for more? Woah, that was really nice!

And that´s what I love about fanfiction: Your readers are close to you! They tell you how they like it (well, IF they comment at all…) Of course. most of your readers stay anon and will not make a noise, but the few that comment? Are always gentle and kind and try to cheer you up. Well, that´s what I experienced.

Only once I´ve received a note, saying:“I read it all in once and i’ve to say that i hated every minute of it. It’s a total mess of characters that act absolutely out of character.” and I was all like… Grrrr….

But I breathed deeply and calmed down (which took me two days…) and then I answered:

“Oh, I´m so sorry for you, my dear grumpy friend 🙂 Believe me, I never intended to torture s.o. out there, but Hey! 22 chapters, 130.000words in almost 280 pages in – I don´t know how many hours you´ve spent reading? That means 130.000 chances to just stop that torture, doesn´t it? *grins*
(…)Anyway, thanks for the review. 🙂
and, if you´ll allow me an amused sidenote: stop torturing yourself so much! “

And, what shall I say? We discussed it for almost two weeks and parted as almost friends… (And he´s still reading my stories..)

So, I´ve posted the next chapter sunday evening. And I´m happy to say that my readers seem to like it…

So, back to the NaNoWriMo?

Well. I´m not sure how I will stand it on my own… No readers, no comments…I´m so totally not used to it….

Let´s hope the muse can fill the gap! 🙂

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2 Kommentare to “Only 10 days left…”

  1. remember to be your own fangirl. especially in November. 😉

  2. Good advice. I´ll try to like what I do… 🙂 I am going to put little post-it-reminder all over my appartment… 😉

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