All along the tunnels through the underground We prepare for leaving waiting for the moon

Make an idea come true…
There is so much more to writing a real fiction that´s worth reading and capable of catching the very heart and soul of your readers than just the words on a paper…
seventhree0 knows what she is talking about. Her worlds are quite perfect, in every detail.

seventhreeoh - ARCHIVE

World building is arduous, time consuming, and at times – because it takes so long – leads one down the path of self-doubt. Over thinking can tend to cause this, and it is one (of many) banes in the writer’s existence. The trick is to understand that. To know that if you truly want to craft a world together that is rich, unique, deep enough to drown readers in, and be sustaining, it has to be massive. You have to make writing a j.o.b. and it has to take time. Though, there are those who profess to be writers, and then spend the next 10 years building worlds and coming up with rich back stories, myths, and ideology, but never put pen to paper. They are planners, not writers. Your goal, your knack, is to be both. You envision the story, see the characters – some writers hear dialogue, others…

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