November has gone by – and now?

Now, that´s it! This was the super long, insanely stressful and very creative november. And what can I say: YAY! I made it! 😀
To be honest, I had my doubts whether I was really able to work consistently and determined towards the wordcount of 50k. In private I know you´ll guard it – I have a rather large, vicious weaker self. And if that one stands up against my best intentions? She is able of pulling me out of my motivation and ignore the task that lies before me Yes, I´m a galoot, I know! But what can I do? I am too weak for my weaker self   🙂

Though, anyway, I‚ve taken the fight! And what a fight it was! There was not just the galoot of my weak inner self, there was an inner critic who partout did not want to be locked into his barrel in the cellar *though I‚ve tried, Jery* and a muse who wanted to constantly bob the boy on the head and who was quite offended when he was playing the schoolmaster again and pointed with his long fingers from his cage out to the last paragraph and drawled, „no, that is not okay, there!

In short, I felt the very normal NaNo madness. And I never thought that I can do it! But: tatatataaaa !!I am a WINNER!!  And, just let me say: The feeling is great!And now I have had three days, in which I was leaning back and basked in my success and had time for my own little résumé.

So what did I gain with the NaNo ??

1. Well, it´s been my first NaNo at all, and it will not be the last, that´s for sure! And I‚ve started a project for which I have now 115 pages written! Means 115 pages more than I would have without NaNo now! GREAT! (okay, that PERHAPS 30,40 or 50 pages will be kicked out, I will not tell now  )  🙂

2 Then I have for the first time written in my own language! (sounds kinda stupid though, doesn´t it? hmm but it´s true!) and during the first ten days I was completely surprised at how hard that was to me! I had much problems to find my own narrative style. And that was a lot of food for the inner critic, caused exasperated eye rolls from my muse and a few new anger wrinkles on my foreheadsometimes I was close to eat my keyboard! But eventually the penny has dropped! I’ve found my writing!!! HURRAY !! From then on, the narration was much easier. And even the inner critic has suddenly been involved in an almost constructive way and went into something like ceasefire with the Muse ;) (eye-roll-note from the Muse: If I come across the wimps again,I´ll kick his damned ass!!!“)

3. I had „worked“ in the run-up to NaNo quite some time on the story, had in mind a plan for the operations and main plot, characters, worlds … – And thanks to the friendly but firm objections here aboutScrivener“ I had given the program a second chance and I did not regret it! Although I’ve lost the thread here and there, my characters have taken things in their own hands, but I found the groundwork has been worth worth it and I YEAH! got the program quite cheap as a winner, and I will continue to work with it. COOL !!

4. I´ve been joined by two very lovable buddies, who helped me with PepTalks and spells, inspiration, advice, (and sometimes a quite gentle, friendly kick in the ass) while holding out! I had many a wide grin on my face. And lots of fun with you, Ladies! * waves * VERY GREAT!

But, finally, the NaNo has thrown me into a tiny bit of a chaos. I have been trying for days now to get back into my social networkand now I am in trouble: either I get to meet my folks every other day on the Christmas markets (and drink much too many hot spiced wine), or I fall even further in oblivion And I could not bear the latter…;)

So, all in all: NaNo was amazing, and I do not want to miss it! I have learned many a thing about myself, my writing, and my story of course, had much stress fun, and:  I‚ve got it done !!  😀

And now there lies a lot of work ahead to get the project done, one day. And of course, there is a fanfiction that wants to be continued! Readers of Pride&Destiny have waited long enough… And I look forward to it !! 😀

* Not to mention the chores my apartment waits for since november has gone by… I better say just nothing at all * looks around in her humble abode and sighs heavily*

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7 Kommentare to “November has gone by – and now?”

  1. It’s tough. The post November. And you blink and realize you are in December! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!
    You will find your footing again
    and when you do there will be a bigger bounce in your step. For you accomplished something my dear. Something epic. You wrote a novel.
    Now call all your friends, and invite them over for a dinner party. This will ensure you socialize (as you like that sort of thing) and you will be forced to clean up the house. *evil wink*

  2. Oh my dear! You are so right: How did that happen? Time is running, and another blink and it´s christmas.
    *shaking her head* …and another year has gone by and I´,m growing older and older…
    BUT: this year was so much better than the last 😉 , so nothing to complain about!
    Oh, you sneaky bear, you´re tricking me into the house-cleaning… *smirks* nice try… 😀

  3. Hi, I really like that you are writing both in English and in German. Are you native in German or in English?

    • I´m a german tongue… And I´ve really tried to write in both languages, but I´ve given up. For it is not as easy as I hoped…
      Thanks for liking. I will try and have some posts in both languages, perhaps…

      • Why wasn’t it that easy? I was hoping that I could do that too one day. Your English seems very nice.

      • Thanks! *blushes*
        I´ve been writing fanfiction for some years, so, my English approved a bit. But writing posts in my own language takes some time. And to express the same thoughts in another language (and feeling obliged to do so) takes even more time…
        After all I found myself avoiding too many and too long posts because of that.
        Well, honestly, I would say I am a lazy bone 🙂 And, as this site prooves, I didn´t write more or even longer posts after I stopped writing in both languages…
        What shall I say? I AM a lazy bone…

      • Anyway, I take your example as an inspiration 😉

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