Turbulent times …

OMG!! This have been pretty grueling weeks since the beginning of December!

Not yet fully recovered from NaNoWriMo, I started with the major project of moving – and not even my own place, but with the office! It felt like six weeks of packing crates and sorting stuff, working through piles of file folders of the past, separating utilities from necessitiesyet, still managing to smuggle this or that completely unnecessary (but beloved!) thing into the boxes, against all announcements … A garage-sale(which turned out to be a house-plusoffice-sale and took 4 days) had to be done, the repeated check that no current projects were just burning somewhere, while smaller and medium disasters started looming at the new office…


Craftsmen, with no plan – or simply not in the mood went right in the hustle and bustle of a half-finished building site in their Christmas holiday withdrew, so after all we had to move into a construction site earlier this year, where the naked power cable from the kitchen floor waved a cheerful „Come closer, if you dare,“ and plug sockets and light switches rows gave you a zap.

For the moving, the technical issues like server and some computers had been mostly dismantled before Christmas; and for two weeks we´ve been without internet and email Worst case scenario par excellence!

If not for the long Christmas weekend and New Year’s Eve giving me a reprieve, I’m afraid I would have send you a blissful Hello“ from the mental hospital. Even a break for my birthday was not granted to me and my very small little party in the evening I ended early because I was just so incredibly tired!

All this has, of course, guaranteed fat booty to my inner weak! You should have seen her smug grin when she, with a very self-satisfied expression, lured me onto the couch, throwing a blanket over me and very, very thoroughly took care that I was comfortable:

„Like maybe another cup of that yummie-wine? Or rather fall asleep watching TV? Which, as usual, shows nothing but crap anyway…“ – (and I really hate falling asleep while watching TV!) Always happily smiling, that little bastard!

It´s a miracle actually, that my muse-diva, who had withdrawn for manicure or something like that after NaNo, somehow managed to drag me, though, cursing and telling me I´m not worth her creativity, to sit at the computer, where she, a little uninspired in the beginning, but then with increasing passion dictated at least two chapters of my fanfiction onto the screen! * looks pretty proud! *

And, slowly, I recover from the strains and look forward to the day, when all boxes are unpacked and something like normality returns

And to the day my muse forces me back to the desk to fill my mind with colorful pictures and breathtaking emotions

And so, all I wanna say is: a warm welcome for all of you in 2015!!!

(Let´s hope it´ll be a peaceful one for all of us, wherever you are!!)


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