Chasing for Writing Tips…

There are countless tips for almost every situation in the vast universe of the Internet. And the more I am engaged in writing, the more I find astute, and often enough really funny written words, meant to enrich my writing. Or tighten it. Or make it appear deeper. Or better thought out. or, or, or writing schools of various kinds, sometimes coupled with „generous“offers for an awwwwsome personal coaching (– though, sometimes I smile a little, looking at their prices   :-P   )

I have signed up for several newsletters and been on a few forays into the download worlds, I’ve compiled a collection of rather wise advices that I could access at any time.

Though, what can I say: I indeed found a lot of rather wonderful tips that have helped me to improve. Though, I shouldn´t complain..

But … I‚ve got a little problem:

WHEN, for heaven’s sake, should I read all of this???

If it comes to writing?  am a late starter!

And so I‚ve missed too many years in which I could have written.

And now there is every day a buddy-like blog writer whose newsletter pops up to attract me to his side because he „has found the philosopher’s stone“? – You know what? You may retain it, my friend!

Another one is pelting me weekly with almost insulting headlines, to show me how fast he could certainly make me the best of all ever seen before writers, if I only wanted to (Well, sorry, my dear! Count me out !!)

Yetz, I have unsubscribed each and every newsletter except the one that is really valuable: this is Richard Norden’s Writer Workshop EZine. But that’s only a month and offers really interesting article.

I love reading through blogs that offer not only good craft but also real entertainment for the part (like Kristen Lamb’s blog) But …

If I should be dealing with so very many, certainly very clever and wise tips and posts and blogs – well, when am I supposed to be writing myself?

I mean yeah! The right tools are the base for any successful job. And writing is a job! Even if you might (or in most cases, very likely) earn very little to no money with it. And I am convinced that you can not write, if you do not like dealing with the language. The opportunities that language offers  to discover completely new worlds

It is clear that I should be listening to many many more advices to reach the goal: which is not only writing, but writing GOOD stuff.

Only, in all honesty, the bottom line is: I just do not have the time!

Too many things get in my way. *shrugs* starting with such ridiculous trivialities like earning money to be able to to live (aka write). And I lose myself too often in the internet or indulge myself in reading a good book on my couch, half-day off  and only reluctantly let go of it.

Though, still, I can only read OR write. * sighs *

Sometimes I seriously wonder how Goethe and Schiller, Ende or Süsskind could have succeeded in writing, so completely without Internet

Or maybe that´s the very reason why it worked ? :-P

– Oh, and for those who do not know these names? Well, they are just some german collegues of Shakespeare, Twain, Irving etc.. 😀

2 Kommentare to “Chasing for Writing Tips…”

  1. I think we might have had this conversation before, or I just dreamed it. But Goethe, Schiller, Ende, Twain, Irvin, et al were writers, because they did not take the time to read how they should write. They just wrote. An american idiom i hear a lot is „those who can do, those who can’t teach“ – and I have found that every lecture I go to, every help book or blog I read about writing, makes it a wee bit more clear to me that those who are telling ME how I should be, aren’t very good at being themselves. I find, perhaps ignorantly or no, that reading wonderful books (and shitty ones) in the genre I write in (at that time) show me much more of an education than listening to some collage know it all tell me how I need to form my sentences.
    I think you should say f all and skim those you enjoy and then look inward. The story you have to tell is your own, to be told in your own way. Worry about polish and spit and changes once you’ve written it. or when you have the block.
    *big hug and much love*

  2. Yep! You are so very right, my dear wise friend! 😉
    True, you already adviced me to just write. And that might has been the best of all tips I received since I started. (Though, I´m still roaming the web from time to time, out of curiosity. *shrugs* I´m a tramp. I surely am.)
    So, you are still one of my most honored guides when it comes to the writing. And I´m quite sure that will not change any time soon…
    „The story you have to tell is your own, to be told in your own way.“
    I really should frame these words and hang it where I can see them while writing…
    Thanks, hon.
    *bear hug*

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