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Januar 14, 2015

Turbulent times …

OMG!! This have been pretty grueling weeks since the beginning of December!

Not yet fully recovered from NaNoWriMo, I started with the major project of moving – and not even my own place, but with the office! It felt like six weeks of packing crates and sorting stuff, working through piles of file folders of the past, separating utilities from necessitiesyet, still managing to smuggle this or that completely unnecessary (but beloved!) thing into the boxes, against all announcements … A garage-sale(which turned out to be a house-plusoffice-sale and took 4 days) had to be done, the repeated check that no current projects were just burning somewhere, while smaller and medium disasters started looming at the new office…

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Dezember 3, 2014

November has gone by – and now?

Now, that´s it! This was the super long, insanely stressful and very creative november. And what can I say: YAY! I made it! 😀
To be honest, I had my doubts whether I was really able to work consistently and determined towards the wordcount of 50k. In private I know you´ll guard it – I have a rather large, vicious weaker self. And if that one stands up against my best intentions? She is able of pulling me out of my motivation and ignore the task that lies before me Yes, I´m a galoot, I know! But what can I do? I am too weak for my weaker self   🙂

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September 2, 2014

a stressful relationship…

There are times when my muse and I are just best friends! That is, when I give her the space she demands (and of course she tends to savor it to the fullest!) and as long as I allow her to engage on the mad parts of her creativity every now and then (my muse has been born as my Inner-Mord-Sith; so she loves all the different kinds of tortures …)

And then there are times when she just turns her back on me!

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