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März 2, 2015

10 Great Writing Tips, in Quotes

Yep, this is what writing is about. Or, like my wise bear-friend always tells me: „The story you have to tell is your own, to be told in your own way.“

Carly Watters, Literary Agent Blog

typeEveryone’s looking for the „rules“ of getting published. I try to share some wisdom on my blog, but who am I kidding? There are no rules. However, here are some guidelines (in quote form!) for aspiring writers…

10 Great Writing Tips, in Quotes:

1. What works for other writers doesn’t have to work for you. It’s okay to make your own rules. And, what works for other writers often won’t work for you so it’s best not to compare your writing or your style to anyone else.

„Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle“ — Jon Acuff

2. You don’t have to write every day. In fact, it’s perfectly okay to avoid burn out and take a day off. It doesn’t mean you’re not a writer.

„Hard scheduling rules — write every day! work on research for one hour each morning! exercise 10 hours a week! — deployed in isolation will lead to…

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Februar 15, 2015

Chasing for Writing Tips…

There are countless tips for almost every situation in the vast universe of the Internet. And the more I am engaged in writing, the more I find astute, and often enough really funny written words, meant to enrich my writing. Or tighten it. Or make it appear deeper. Or better thought out. or, or, or writing schools of various kinds, sometimes coupled with „generous“offers for an awwwwsome personal coaching (– though, sometimes I smile a little, looking at their prices   :-P   )

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Dezember 3, 2014

November has gone by – and now?

Now, that´s it! This was the super long, insanely stressful and very creative november. And what can I say: YAY! I made it! 😀
To be honest, I had my doubts whether I was really able to work consistently and determined towards the wordcount of 50k. In private I know you´ll guard it – I have a rather large, vicious weaker self. And if that one stands up against my best intentions? She is able of pulling me out of my motivation and ignore the task that lies before me Yes, I´m a galoot, I know! But what can I do? I am too weak for my weaker self   🙂

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